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of the wpc95 era are going to be broken without repair possible cause of the broken asic. . buy 2 to 5 for me and two friends. Regards Frank-Rainer . board, it's cured the audio loss problem when all other problems have

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This document is a repair guide for Williams and Bally WPC pinball games .. On WPC-95, these LM339 chips are on the CPU board at locations U25 .. And if you use the newer metal trough #A-16809-2 (as currently sold by .. If the fuses are good on the dot matrix controller board (or audio/visual board for WPC-95), you.

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William's WPC/WPC-S/WPC95 Pinball Repair Kits . Sound Boards . also want to replace capacitors C20 and C21 (10,000 mfd @ 35V, not currently sold here).

WPC95 Audio Visual Board, A-20516-50041, Williams, Bally .

WPC 95 Audio Visual PCB, A-20516-50041. Multifunction board contains the power supply for the dot matrix display, the sound amplifier and control, sound and.

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Rottendog WPC 95 Audio Visual PCB WAV095 Williams Bally pinball WPC 95 Audio Visual PCB, A-20516-50041. Multifunction board contains the power.

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WPC Display Control Board (DMD) Critical Upgrade. These parts . Buy 5, WDUK-1001 for only $4.00 each. SAVE $4.75 . WPC-95. High Voltage Power Supply Power Resistor. Only $0.35 Each. Part Number . WPC Audio Amp. TDA2030.

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Here is for sale an used Bally AS 2518-35 MPU/CPU board. Some components were .. NOS! Bally Williams WPC 95 Pinball Machine Audio Visual Board New!

Action Pinball - 5410-14705-00 - WPC-95 A/V Board ASIC Chip .

ASIC chip used on Bally/Williams WPC-95 audio-visual boards used in games between approx. 1995-1999. NOTE: No returns on Electronics - all sales final.

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Bally/Stern AS-2518-18/TA-100 Power Supply board. Show Game .. Pinball Audio / Visual board compatible with Williams WPC95 pinball games. The board.

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7 Oct 2015 . 3.5.1 WPC pre-DCS Sound Board . 4.3.3 LEDs and test points on WPC-95 Power/Driver Boards . 4.21.6 WPC-95 A/V Board Sound Issues .. manufacturer to identify the dealer who sold a machine into a particular region.

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21 Feb 2017 . Good news WPC95 pinball machine owners! The PinSound board is fully compatible with any Bally / Williams WPC95 pinball machines,.

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Good news WPC95 pinball machine owners! . fully compatible with any Bally / Williams WPC95 pinball machines, without the original Audio Video board! . So are the ones for sale on the site right now the compatible ones?

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You can buy pretty much every board for any machine, but I can't find any WPC . New AV Board for WPC95 Pinball Machines (WPC95 AV). - Make your pinball machine sound better with more bass

You can buy speaker upgrades, some shops sell new speakers with all wires and connectors . The potentiometer installed over R17 on a WPC-95 a/v board.

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3 Sep 2013 . WPC DCS On your DCS sound board remove C37 and C45. This will . Williams did the same modification on later WPC 95 AV boards. WPC.

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WPC, WPC-95, and Pinball 2000 Replacement Boards, Opto's and LED's, . The Ultimate MPU Board is a replacement board for Bally/Stern and other Pinball machines. .. We have been told by clients that if your System 80 game uses sound only, originally used ... These are sold as a set, includes DCS-TR and DCS-TT. - Different WPC boards

Center top is the sound board. Top right is the DMD driver board, this board provides high voltage to the DMD and sends data to display. WPC-95 boardset.

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Place the board(s) in a box that has at least 1 inch of good packing all around ( packing peanuts etc.). Do not use polystyrene .. WPC-95 Audio/Visual board