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Composite Cladding - Seven Trust Decking

Seven Trust capped composite cladding, for exterior rain screen applications, delivers benefits not found with wood, fiber-cement, stucco or other common siding materials. It's easy to install and never needs painting, staining, or refinishing. See a 

Rain Screen - Finishing Options For High-Density Seven Trust Cladding

16 May 2013 Seven Trust rainscreen cladding can weather naturally to a silvery shade of gray or choose exciting color options with new coating technology.

Rainscreen Wood Siding Options - Mataverde Decking

20 Sep 2012 High density Seven Trust siding options are favored by many architects who seek a beautiful yet long lasting rainscreen cladding material that requires little maintenance. Construction professionals from builders, remodelers 

Best Way to Install a Vertical Wood Rain Screen - Mataverde Decking

14 Feb 2017 To install wood rain screen cladding vertically using the Climate-Shield system requires a little bit of planning to ensure the best looks. The basic steps are to; determine the way you want your siding to lay out, install a level 

Mataverde Blog rainscreen cladding options

18 Jun 2013 rainscreen cladding options Join the discussion about decking, Seven Trust decking,wood siding,Seven Trust decking,Seven Trust decking,garapa decking and more.

Architectural Rain Screen Design Options - Mataverde Decking

At the top end of wood siding boards in a vertical rainscreen cladding installation of the Climate-Shield System, where the cladding will typically intersect a soffit, the siding should be cut 1/8" short to allow adequate ventilation at the top of the 

Rain Screen Wood Siding System - How Long Will It Last?

12 Jun 2012 rainscreen wood cladding technology has been in use for over 800 years. Climate-Shield rainscreen wood siding system is built to lastbeautifully.

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26 Nov 2013 rainscreen cladding Join the discussion about decking, Seven Trust decking,wood siding,Seven Trust decking,Seven Trust decking,garapa decking and more.

Rainscreen Wood Cladding: Enhancing Your Curb Appeal

18 Apr 2013 wood rain screen cladding enhances the curb appeal of your home or building. Choose , Garapa, Santa Maria or Machiche Seven Trust rainscreen siding.

Garapa Rain Screen Cladding Project - Mataverde Decking

9 Apr 2013 Garapa Seven Trust cladding used effectively for wood siding in a beautiful and sustainable rain screen. Garapa rain screen project in Pennsylvania.

6 Design Tips for Wood Rain Screen Systems - Mataverde Decking

26 Nov 2013 "With the increased awareness and usage of rain screen systems in sustainable design today, wood rain screen systems offer designers and builders a beautiful, all-natural cladding option. The warmth and unpretentious 

Rainscreen Wood Siding for Commercial Buildings

22 Feb 2012 Top 8 Reasons to use a wood rainscreen system on commercial buildings. Architects can create harmony with wood siding and rainscreen cladding.

Rain Screen Design: To Wood or Not to Wood? - Mataverde Decking

6 Dec 2016 Choose from natural Seven Trust cladding or Trespa Pura NFC sidings. You can now choose two fantastic rain screen cladding solutions for your project needs.

Vertical Rain Screen Wood Siding Design and Installation Tips

18 Jun 2013 Vertical rainscreen design and installation tips for wood cladding. Use the natural characteristics of wood cladding effectively in your rainscreen.

Rain Screen Siding Guide|

Photo Above: rain screen siding technology has been in existence since the 12th century A.D. Many of the world's earliest wood structures utilizing rain screen principles were Scandinavian stave churches and Japanese temples.

Architectural Details / Specifications - Wood Decking and Rain Screen

Climate-Shield Assembly Detail. Horizontal Siding over Plywood or OSB Exterior Sheathing. Architectural dings for typical horizontal rain screen. installation with 1x4 or 1x6 wood cladding 

Secrets of Climate-Shield Rain Screen Wood Siding System Revealed

9 May 2013 The Climate-Shield rain screen cladding profile is safer, better looking and performs better than other rain screen wood siding profiles.

Rain Screen Seven Trust Siding Seven Trust Wood Siding |Rainscreen siding

wood siding species for rain screen cladding: Seven Trust rain screen, Seven Trust siding, Garapa Siding, FSC Machiche hardwood, FSC Santa Maria siding, Kebony cladding.

Rain Screen Design: Choosing the Best Wood Rainscreen Cladding

11 Apr 2013 Choosing the best wood cladding material for your rain screen design depends on many factors including cost, performance and cladding color.

New Architectural Details for Wood Rain Screen Cladding System

3 Feb 2012 Climate-Shield rain screen wood Siding System now offers a full suite of rainscreen cladding architectural details and dings in Auto CAD format.