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Structural Metal Systems. We offer the ultimate in metal roof and floor decking and long span composite metal deck for multi – rise buildings. Our technically

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Tectum Roof Deck solutions are available in a wide variety of system configurations to match the unique needs of your building design. Tectum Roof Decks are

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Can be used as a secondary structural member to provide for lateral force A dovetail shaped roof deck with a flat metal plate attached to the topside of the

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With proper roof deck design, you can save yourself a lot of headaches down the road. When integrated with IMETCO's structural roof panel, the system is

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Build roof decks quickly and easily with Archi porcelain pavers and pedestal using structural porcelain pavers to construct a slightly elevated deck surface advantages of this pedestal paver system is it enablse you to raise the deck

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Information gathered from these structures include general roof construction details, the range of roof deck types and framing systems utilized, as well as the

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Does your steel deck measure up to code? We know that building codes generally limit the structure to two roof systems, so if there are already two roof

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Unlike traditional roofing systems where multiple layers are required, Concrete Roof Deck is both the noncombustible structural sheathing and either the nail

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We specialize in standing seam roof systems, including SSR, SLR II, and Panel This architectural/structural metal roof system is a low-slope, concealed-fastener VP's superior roof systems and Deck-liner, our multipurpose deck panel, with

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residential structures), framing systems typically consist of the roof structure that supports the roof deck, exterior and interior load-bearing walls, beams, girders,

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Evolution of Company. ASC Steel Deck has provided structural steel roof .. steel roof deck, such as roof systems with light weight insulating concrete. Venting

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Our structural roof deck solutions provide more than a roof over your head. For over 45 years the Kalzip roof and facade system has been used throughout the

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We manufacture a wide range of roof deck and required deck accessories. Super Versa-Dek? products are deep dovetail shaped structural roof deck units


Apr 28, 2017 SAB has a broad range structural deep deck profiles for insulated flat roofs. They can be used with built up / membrane / Green roof systems.

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106 – Light Steel Frame with Metal Sheathing – Lighter steel construction commonly referred to as all metal building systems or pre-engineering metal buildings

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Architectural roof decks require special care to ensure that the system is installed correctly and the product is not damaged. Because the deck must be beautiful

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The Kalzip structural deck roof system provides an economical solution for long span installations and eliminates the need for purlins. For enhanced acoustic

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Since the foundation of any roof system is the roof deck, this column will focus on . For those heavy timber structures still in service, a tear-off down to the deck,

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Good economy in materials and assembly means deep decks are cost-effective compared with other insulated roofing. This is partly due to deep decks strength

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Roof Decks. 1.0 General. 1.1 The primary function of a roof deck is to provide structural support and restraint for the roofing system. The deck must.

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and limit specific roof system designs. Typically, a building's steel roof deck designer—most com- monly the building's structural engineer—will have little to.