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VersaFlex FAQ - VersaFlex Polyurea requires special training and equipment for field application, As a general recommendation for constant exposure to direct chemical . in the roof deck, you must have a good balance between elongation and material tensile strength. . after the cracks have been prepped with either a thin flat concrete blade (not

Commercial Roofing Glossary JBK Roofing Everything you need to know about commercial roofing terminology. Chemical Resistance: The ability of a material to withstand contact with to the roof deck, to determine thickness moisture, and condition of the existing roofing system. Thermoplastic Membrane: A type of roofing used primarily in flat or nearly flat roofs.

Flat Roof Repair Applications - Specification Chemicals, Inc. Specification Chemical You are here: Home > Flat Roof Repair & Metal Roof Repair Applications oriented strand board (OSB), primed concrete, or Dens Deck Prime roof board. and continuous with no gaps or ridges that would prevent the material from adhering. This system requires a fairly smooth substrate.

A Complete Guide to Commercial Flat Roofing Systems & Materials You may ask, “Why have a flat roof on a building? Liquid applied membrane systems require rigorous preparation of the substrate, which must be dry and . Roofs are considered fully adhered if applied directly to roof decks or insulation.

Recycled Rubber Cool Roof System - Specification Chemicals Recycled Rubber Cool Roof System gives you more profit with less labor. I didn't need a contractor and I didn't have to tear off the old roof. . Gas engine powered airless spray equipment is an excellent choice for applications such as roof decks and parapet walls on commercial . Web Site www.spec-chem.com.

Choosing Waterproof Decking for Flat Roof Decks - Tufdek Apr 19, 2018 Waterproof decking for flat roof decks need to be walkable (and nice to look We all know the different types of roofing material (asphalt, wood,

Flat roof - Wikipedia A flat roof is a roof which is almost level in contrast to the many types of sloped roofs. The slope Materials that cover flat roofs typically allow the water to run off from a slight usually felt paper applied over roof decking to keep a building watertight. .. No open flames or other heat sources are needed and the glass fiber

IB PVC Roof – Lifetime Flat Roofing Cool Flat Roof Imagine that you no longer have to worry about your flat roof – no more leaks, on flat roofs, and cause the degradation of the roofing material, resulting in costly leaks. Unlike chemical bonding where glues and/or other types of adhesive are Main roof on your home; Garage; A walk-on flat roof deck; IB can be installed

Protected Membrane Roof Installation Guidelines - The Dow ??Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated . ULI Hourly Fire Resistance Ratings for PMR – Concrete Deck . All flat roof assemblies consist Eliminate the need for a sepa- experimental test where a material . u la t io n. 6. Components. STYROFOAM ?. EXTRUDED POLYSTYRENE

What You Should Know About Your Cement Roof Deck? - NIR May 27, 2014 In this article, we'll focus on lightweight concrete and what you need to know. does not absorb significant water (<2% by weight); the material is wetted so as The water to cement ratio is the key to insure complete chemical hydration of Thermal Shock · Considering Coating your Commercial Flat Roof?

A Design & Materials Guide for Residential Flat Roofing Systems - IKO From the start, you'll likely have questions, including: is a flat roof the right choice for a home? a current flat roof, IKO Industries offers much of the information needed to support a deck (usually wood in residential construction), a vapor barrier, . but stylish option because it is strhtforward, unique and non-chemical.