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Town of Williamson, NY Regulations Applicable to All Districts

A fence of wood, iron, chain link, wood and iron rods or wire and stone, at least four feet high and not to exceed six feet in Ancillary uses to marinas are subject to any additional regulations set forth for that use, including boat storage and 

Common Violations Found in Residential Neighborhoods

No more than one vehicle per 390 square feet of living building square footage may be parked regularly overnight on the property upon Any fence or wall adjacent to a public road right-of-way and within a residential front yard cannot be more than six feet in height. In the R-30, R-20, R-15, R-12, RD, RA-4, RA-5 zoned districts, parking allows only one vehicle, one boat, and one recreational vehicle 

PBS - Mark Twain: Tom Sawyer Whitewashing the Fence

Tom Sawyer Whitewashing the fence, Tom Sawyer Thirty yards of board fence nine feet high. He was boat and captain and engine-bells combined, so he had to imagine himself standing on his own hurricane-deck giving the orders and 

Chapter 86.56 SPECIAL PROVISIONS - Code Publishing Co.

A. It is unlawful to use a boat, ship or any other watercraft for living or sleeping purposes except when moored at an .. A fence or wall up to six feet in height may be located along the side property lines, within the front yard, and project into the 

Code Enforcement - City of Cottage Grove

The owner of a fence is responsible to verify the location of their property lines. (Code Title 11-3-5 A&B) The heights of residential fences and walls cannot exceed six(6) feet above grade level along rear and side property lines. The heights of 

Code Compliance City of Mansfield, Texas

The parking of any vehicle in a side or rear yard of a residence on the grass or off of a paved concrete surface is prohibited unless it shall be enclosed by a screening fence at least 6' (six feet) in height. Trucks rated to have a carrying capacity 

I want to put up a fence at my home. What are - City of Rock Island

fences in a front yard are only allowed to be 3 ? feet in total height, while fences in a side or rear yard can be six feet in height. Smooth side of a Can I park a boat, trailer or motor home at my home for an extended period of time? Section 

code enforcement - City of Newman

solid fence six feet in height where such vehicle is plainly visible from the street or other public or private property camping trailer, boat trailer, boat, pick-up camper units, fifth wheel, or dune buggy shall be stored or parked for more than 72 

Yard Parking Frequently Asked Questions - Portland, TX

parked behind a fence or “solid hedgerow of evergreen shrubs, or trees and shrubs providing full screening from the ground to a height of six feet.” I have corner lot and no fence. Can I still keep my boat trailer in my back yard? On corner lots 

Guidelines - Ocean Pines

six (6) feet. Such features may be covered by a roof but not enclosed except by railings; d) Bay windows, balconies and chimneys may project a distance not .. permitted on any lot or lot line except where, in the opinion of the Committee, a fence or . boat as defined herein shall be launched or retrieved over the bulkhead.

Recreational Vehicle Registration - the City of San Ramon

25 Aug 2006 and boats. For a com- plete list, see section below. In March of 2002, the resi- dents of San Ramon voted to approve an (RV) is defined as: A boat, boat trailer, other seven foot wooden fence (six feet solid and topped with 


fence pillars, posts, and similar features may project a maximum of two (2) feet above maximum fence height. 6. of eight feet from the ground; provided, at a minimum, the portion of the fence above six feet is composed of a fence material that is of a deer fence-type design. In no event shall such vehicles, boats and the like be stored within less than five (5) feet of any side or rear property line without 

Ventura County Code Compliance

Any fence or wall that exceeds six feet in height requires a Zoning Clearance from Planning and permits from Building and Safety be obtained prior to construction. No fence or wall exceeding three feet in height may be constructed within the 

City of Clifton, NJ Accessory Buildings; Fences, Walls and Screening

The following shall be permitted in residential zones or on property used for residential purposes, for screening of recreational vehicles, boats and trailers: A fence not exceeding six feet in height erected along the side from the rear line of the 

Jefferson Parish Council weighs rules for parking boats and motor

31 Aug 2010 The Jefferson Parish Council called for a study of boat and motor home parking in 2008, partly in response to a Where there aren't any garages or sheds for RVs, the ordinance requires fences between six and seven feet tall to "It should be allowed as long as there's a fence, and it's neatly tucked away.

10 Most Common Violations - City of Morro Bay

1 Dec 2015 The Code Enforcement Officers invesgate community complaints on issues such as excessive water use, parking, fencing, storage of garbage cans RVs and boats cannot be parked in the street for more than 72 hours. or more of the surface area may not exceed a height of four feet in the front or street side yard. or side or rear yard may not exceed six feet six inches in height.

City of Passaic, NJ Supplementary Regulations - eCode360

317-53 Parking and storage of boats, motor homes and trailers. .. A fence not exceeding six feet in height across the rear lot line of the property and along the side lot lines from the rear lot line to a point equal to the rear line of the dwelling if 

07-10 Amending Boat Ordinance - Town of Cutler Bay

area is located between the residence and a side street property line, the boat shall be visually buffered by a six-foot wood privacy fence, masonry wall, trees or shrubs maintained to a height of six feet. The front building line referred to shall be 


Exception — The fence may increase to six feet in height if: a. permitted in any side and rear yard area if all fence material above six feet in height .. boats, boat trailers, campers and camper shells pursuant to Chapter 17.64 of this code;. 6.

Village Code Reminders Roselle, IL - Official Website

This includes, but is not limited to boats, campers, all types of trailers, automobiles not regularly used for normal travel, and According to Village Code, recreational vehicles shall not exceed eight feet in width, twenty-nine feet in length, Landscaping or a solid wood fence not to exceed six feet in height shall be provided as a screen to soften the impact of the vehicle on the surrounding properties.